RIKU the Hand-made wooden chair by local artisans

  • RIKU the Hand-made wooden chair by local artisans
  • JPY 58,000
Riku - The town of Kurashiki boasts a beautiful old district dating from 150 years ago.
It was never designed by anyone – its appearance arose out of the characteristics of people’s lives. Such characteristics can still be seen to this day in the layout of its winding streets and picturesque buildings.
The riku chair, which evolved out of the lifestyle of Kurashiki, not only reflects the concept of expressing the beauty of its form; it is also a chair with a new concept that was born from the unique Japanese culture, which seeks to blend the richness of both functionality and spirit.
It is a beautiful chair that helps the body maintain a beautiful posture, and it was born in Kurashiki, Japan.
When you sit on a Riku chair, it is possible to raise your body naturally with both feet on the floor and the hips stable, like on a bicycle saddle.
This posture is similar to zazen or seiza floor-sitting postures, in which a person sits with the back straight, as it is when standing. This is said to be the most functional posture for human beings.
The human body is not really suited to sitting for a long time. The riku chair doesn’t disturb the body’s original natural movement while sitting, as it is designed to allow both legs to stretch out, which makes it easy to stand up.
The chair has hidden functionality that is so effective that it even changes the concept of “sitting” with its simple and beautiful design.

Moriya Fine Crafts

Let us introduce some of Harumi Moriya’s original furniture.
Moriya has made it her mission to continue the age-old traditions of Kurashiki craftsmanship and adjust them to fit the lifestyles of today. Her works are finished in sleek designs tailored to modern lifestyles.
Planning, design and processing are all done here, in Kurashiki.
Ryokan Kurashiki uses a bench chair that Moriya-san designed for its room, “Okuzashiki.”