YURAGI the Hand-made wooden chair by local artisans

  • YURAGI the Hand-made wooden chair by local artisans
  • YURAGI-L OAK JPY 180,980(tax excl.) / YURAGI-L WN JPY 180,980(tax excl.)
Yuragi One of the most convenient aspects of Japanese interiors is that because you leave your shoes at the door, the whole floor can be a relaxation space. In that sense, the zaisu floor chair is the most easy-to-use chair for Japanese people and Japanese-style spaces, and is the one best suited for Japanese houses.
A yuragi is a type of zaisu. This one is specially designed – the seat surface is raised about 20cm, making it easy to place your feet and easily to rise.
The leg-locking mechanism allows the seat to recline, so the tightness of the typical seat chair is eliminated. Also, its stylish design is reminiscent of the Nordic style – despite being a seat chair, it can fit naturally into either Japanese-style or Western-style rooms. One might call it a universal design.
The production style, in which a skilled craftsman carefully hand-makes products one-by-one, gives you an opportunity to feel the rich relationship between people and things which the Japanese people have cherished since ancient times. People feel joy to own and use things for a long time nicely – this nurtures the original rich relationship between people and their things.

Moriya Fine Crafts

Let us introduce some of Harumi Moriya’s original furniture.
Moriya has made it her mission to continue the age-old traditions of Kurashiki craftsmanship and adjust them to fit the lifestyles of today. Her works are finished in sleek designs tailored to modern lifestyles.
Planning, design and processing are all done here, in Kurashiki.
Ryokan Kurashiki uses a bench chair that Moriya-san designed for its room, “Okuzashiki.”