Chair Par the Kurashiki Knotting

  • Chair Par the Kurashiki Knotting
  • JPY 20,000
The Kurashiki Dyeing Spinning and Weaving Studio is only two minutes from Ryokan Kurashiki. This school, famous throughout the country, is devoted to instructing devoted students and producing fine knotted, dyed and hand-woven crafts, carefully and individually.
Inside the institute you can see in use various Kurashiki knotted and woven products, such as chair mats, vase coasters, table runners and so on. We would like everyone who visits Kurashiki from around the world to experience the crafts of Kurashiki.
Authentic Kurashiki knotted ware may only be produced at the Institute of Dyeing and Hand-Weaving or by its graduates. There are only seven or eight students studying at the institute at any given time. It is a very popular school, and more than 100 people are on the waiting list to get in.
All the crafts are unique and original. The artists ascertain the customers’ preferred colors and designs and create the crafts entirely order-made. It usually takes about three months to deliver the finished product. We hope the wonderful craftsmanship of Kurashiki will be passed on to future generations and continue to develop as a vibrant local culture in the future.