Hanging-Bina the Tsurushi-Binaz / Hanging-Bina the Kazari-Bina

  • Hanging-Bina the Tsurushi-Bina JPY 60,000 (Large) / JPY 30,000 (Small)
  • Hanging-Bina the Kazari-BinaJPY 20,000
The Hanging Hina doll is a traditional craft that originated in the Edo period, and has been passed on to the present day, the Heisei period. Hina are little dolls made to celebrate Girls’ Day on March 3. Back in the Edo period, only wealthy families could afford elaborate Hina dolls to celebrate their daughters. Ordinary families made Hina dolls themselves, using fabric from old kimonos, for their children and grandchildren. We can see a powerful expression of parental love in the tradition of the tsurushi bina, or Hanging Hina doll, which mothers still make to pray for the health and happiness of their daughters on their first Girls’Day.
Ryokan Seiryusou has commissioned artists to make artworks individually, paying close attention to every detail of the finished work. These are one-of-a-kind pieces that are not available anywhere else.