Hagi ware; bowl for tea ceremony; stand bowl

  • Hagi ware; bowl for tea ceremony; stand bowl
  • Available from JPY 360,000
Stand bowl is originally from the Korean Peninsula.
This style of bowl has been produced for a long time in Hagi, as it was the favorite of the feudal Mori clan, which ruled the region at that time.
This bowl has a strong ambience and an elegant look, the result of the excellent harmony of its shape and glaze.
I communicate with the clay every day to create tea bowls that helps the user relax and gather energy when he or she drinks from it.

Hagi ware was first created to make tea bowls for the traditional tea ceremony. Tea bowls have been the main product of Hagi ware for 400 years.
My ancestors were involved in establishing the kiln, and passed on both the technology and the spirit of Hagi ware down through the generations.
In the Mitsunose valley, in Fukagawa-Yumoto, you can find the sites of old kilns and piles of discarded pottery, which have been designated by the prefecture as historical sites. These sites remind us of the prosperity of bygone days and illustrate the long history of Hagi ware.

Tobei Tahara (13th generation potter of his family)
Born: 1951
After graduating from Musashino Art University Graduate School, he trained at Karatsu.
Received Arts and Cultural Merit Yamaguchi Prefecture Encouragement Award.
Japan Crafts Association regular member