Atami Kaihourou


Atami Kaihourou is an exclusive ryokan, even more exclusive than most, , based on This exclusivity extends to the accommodations -- with only four rooms, the highly trained staff are able to offer attentive service that is second to none.
All through the ryokan, the spaces bespeak luxury. Fine art graces the walls and halls, including gorgeous glass art (in keeping with the predominant theme of the interior design), prints by famous artists, and lots of owls (the owner’s favorite animal).
Two features for which Kaihourou is renowned are the incredibly beautiful Kinbyoubu dinging room, and the all-glass Water Terrace.
The concept is simple – premium hospitality, and only four rooms to provide the most attentive service, amid a theme of “water and glass.”
Kaihourou boasts gorgeous art and designer furnishings throughout the premises, including bar chairs and couches by B&B, and comfortable, elegant easy chairs designed in-house to the management’s exacting specifications. And don’t forget the view – breathtaking panoramic views of Sagami Bay, the town and port of Atami, and the mountains that rise out of the sea on either side.
With its modern facilities and the contemporary art gracing its interior, one might wonder if this really is a ryokan in the traditional sense, rather than, say, a boutique hotel. Manager Kanamaru-san thinks that is a valid question. “This is still a ryokan in spirit – we provide the same services as more traditional ryokan – top-notch kaiseki haute cuisine, fine furnishings, luxurious surroundings and, most importantly, a high level of omotenashi, Japan’s traditional art of hospitality.