Beniya Mukayu


Perched on a hill overlooking the city of Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, the beautiful Beniya Mukayu ryokan offers a perfect blend of friendly, attentive service and the serene tranquility of nature.

In keeping with its motto, "Open air, open space," Mukayu makes the most of its natural blessings, using careful landscaping and floor-to-ceiling windows to bring the natural world and indoor spaces together.

The Komatsu area has been a destination for seekers of inner peace and physical healing for over 1,300 years. A famous Zen Buddhist temple once thrived where Mukayu now stands, and the ryokan takes as its inspiration the clean, spare lines of Zen to encourage peace and serenity among its guests. The ryokan's name translates as "non-purpose" or "natural state," which expresses the traditional Japanese ideal of living in harmony with nature. Surely there is no more perfect place to watch the march of the seasons than from the warm comfort of your room's open-air rotemburo bath.

Mukayu's design concept embraces the mixture of outside and in, nature and inner space - one can see, hear and smell the seasons everywhere in Mukayu. In this, it draws on the traditions of Zen - a discipline that is usually strict and rigorous, but at Mukayu it is peaceful and serene. Tasteful design and attention to detail are apparent from the lobby to the attentive service, as befits a top-notch Japanese ryokan.

The staff at Mukayu embrace the concept of yasashi, or friendliness - this is a family business, and the staff welcome guests like family. In operation for 83 years, Mukayu is run by the third generation of the Nakamichi family, under the friendly, watchful eye of the okami, or proprietress, Sachiko Nakamichi.

The guests' happiness and comfort are paramount. As Nakamichi-san says, "We want our guests to feel like this is their own besso, or traditional private villa," soothed by the tranquil quiet of their room and nature, the natural aromas outside, and the tasteful clean Zen-inspired lines throughout.