FUFU Karuizawa, Wind in the Sunshine


FUFU has created twin properties in Karuizawa to better immerse visitors in the area’s diverse attractions.

FUFU Karuizawa, Wind in the Sunshine is located in the gentle foothills leading to Mt. Asama, one of Japan’s most famous volcanoes. This ryokan, under the theme of “A Sunny Breeze”, focuses on the restorative and rejuvenating power of nature.

In addition to providing views of the surrounding mountains and lush inner courtyard as they cycle through their seasonal transformations, the property seeks to invite nature into the living space year-round, with a riot of living greenery indoors that includes a massive tree growing up through the center of the greenhouse-like bar/lounge. The homey décor has a bright, natural palette of white, copper and tan, with jewel tones and playful prints providing pops of uplifting color. All 24 rooms have unique designs, but each includes a private hot spring bath complete with built-in hot stone lounger.

FUFU Karuizawa, Wind in the Sunshine has a full-service health spa with 3 private suites equipped with herbal bath, Finnish-style sauna, and relaxation lounge with drink bar. The suites can be used as part of a massage or other treatment or reserved by the hour for the true luxury of unhurried self-care.

In a FUFU first, this property will serve French cuisine at a new branch of Plaiga Tokyo, Chef Shota Ikeda’s Michelin-listed fine diner in Otemachi. The chef brings his hyperseasonal focus and modern French techniques to local Shinsui ingredients, distinguished by vitamin-packed produce grown from the rich volcanic soil and a robust fermentation culture responsible for some of the most umami-rich miso in Japan. The airy dining room is book-ended by a custom mural of textured washi paper art on one side and floor-to-ceiling views of the inner courtyard and Mt. Asama on the other.

Message from Manager Yukitoshi Tamura: “Staying with us is like being swaddled in a living blanket, with carefully tended plants providing lush greenery not only in public areas but in each room. It’s a new, more naturalistic look for FUFU, and combined with that new approach is an increased focus on sustainability to help preserve the natural beauty Karuizawa is famous for.”

About Karuizawa
Nestled in the Japanese Alps, just an hour’s bullet train from Tokyo, is the luxury resort town of Karuizawa, an idyllic country escape with world-class epicurean and esthetic sensibilities. Long a favorite summer escape for the capital’s elite, it has attracted a caliber of attractions that belie its relatively small size. Outside the lively old town, full of quaint shops and cosmopolitan restaurants, exquisite holiday homes designed by A-list architects nestle under the boughs of ancient cedar trees, ringed by stone walls being slowly subsumed in springy green moss. It is a quiet place, where one is never far from the healing influence of nature and time moves at a more stately pace. In all seasons, the great outdoors beckon, offering golf or skiing under a wide-open sky or contemplative hikes through primeval forest paths. And a soothing hot spring bath always waits at the end of the day to ease tired muscles.