FUFU Kyu-Karuizawa, Restful Forest


FUFU has created twin properties in Karuizawa to better immerse visitors in the area’s diverse attractions.

FUFU Kyu-Karuizawa, Restful Forest is located within walking distance of the picturesque old town, in an area of mossy, tree-shaded lanes near the famous Kumoba Pond. This ryokan, under the theme of “The Healing Forest”, leans into Karuizawa’s long history as a peaceful highland escape for stressed city dwellers.
The 20 rooms have chic modern interiors in dark earth tones that make the rich colors of the surrounding nature stand out all the more. Each room comes with a private semi-open-air hot spring bath, eco-friendly ethanol fireplace, and richly textured furniture to ensure every moment is steeped in relaxation, as well as a unique design theme subtly nodding to Karuizawa’s many charms. Books on astronomy, astrolabe-esque modern art, and a conveniently placed window-side sofa, for example, suggest a romantic evening gazing at Nagano’s star-strewn skies.

While flexible dining plans allow guests to take advantage of Karuizawa’s many well-regarded restaurants, FUFU Kyu-Karuizawa, Restful Forest is raising the bar for the area’s fine dining scene with a branch of venerable Tokyo ryotei restaurant Akasaka Shion. Karuizawa’s Shion focuses on the rich bounty of ingredients from Nagano’s mountains, an area called Shinshu. Shinshu pork and beef sizzle enticingly at the teppan counter, while other local specialties, including mountain greens, wild berries, earthy buckwheat, and a treasure trove of mushroom varieties are crafted into exquisite seasonal kaiseki courses.

Message from Manager Yoshihiro Ozaki: “At this chic, adult property, we’ve created a space for you to truly relax and feel at home. Karuizawa as a destination has really innumerable attractions. With two properties in the area, each with a distinct location, design ethos and dining options, we hope guests will stay for several nights in Karuizawa and really take the time to discover its various charms.””

About Karuizawa
Nestled in the Japanese Alps, just an hour’s bullet train from Tokyo, is the luxury resort town of Karuizawa, an idyllic country escape with world-class epicurean and esthetic sensibilities. Long a favorite summer escape for the capital’s elite, it has attracted a caliber of attractions that belie its relatively small size. Outside the lively old town, full of quaint shops and cosmopolitan restaurants, exquisite holiday homes designed by A-list architects nestle under the boughs of ancient cedar trees, ringed by stone walls being slowly subsumed in springy green moss. It is a quiet place, where one is never far from the healing influence of nature and time moves at a more stately pace. In all seasons, the great outdoors beckon, offering golf or skiing under a wide-open sky or contemplative hikes through primeval forest paths. And a soothing hot spring bath always waits at the end of the day to ease tired muscles.