FUFU Nikko


Within walking distance of the famed Nikko Toshogu Shrine, FUFU Nikko sits next to Tamozawa Imperial Villa grounds, surrounded in all seasons by the gentle susurrus of the river below. From the snow-decked depths of winter to the lush, cool highland summers, it offers an unforgettable experience of the natural beauty that has beckoned generations of Japanese nobility.

This connection to nature is a key component in all 24 rooms, each featuring a completely unique design and private hot spring bath. Tactile fabrics like velvet and silk not often found in today's trendy austerity join brass accents, botanical motifs, and warm wood paneling for an almost nostalgic air of luxury, accented by the shifting tones of Tochigi's chameleon-like Oya stone. The pleasing mix of traditional elements like yushoku-monyo embroidered silks and Western decor like parquet flooring follows the example of the imperial villa next door, which is known for blending the traditional aesthetic of the Edo Period with the international influences of the Meiji.

A similar borderlessness underpins the dining concept for kaiseki restaurant Setchu and teppanyaki Kou, where the contrasting textures of East and West are used to realize singularly beautiful creations. In a range of full-course dinner options, quintessential Japanese delicacies like sea urchin and wagyu meet imports like caviar and truffles in delightful configurations, complemented by exquisite artworks of tableware like indigo porcelain plates worked with phoenixes of delicate silver filigree.

For communal relaxation, there is also a large outdoor hot spring, a riverside terrace, and an elegantly appointed lounge that serves an afternoon tea set with signature blends by day and free-flowing champagne and cocktails before dinner before turning into a sultry bar space by night.

No honored guest of the court was ever treated better.