Auberge Maki no Oto Kanazawa


The pretty streets of Kanazawa are like a time capsule, transporting you back to a simpler time, when the city’s Higashi Chaya neighborhood was a bustling entertainment district that is still widely known as “Little Kyoto.”
The lovely ryokan Kanazawa Maki no Oto fits seamlessly into this milieu. Opened only two years ago, this small family establishment is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a more tranquil pace of life amid a bounty of beautiful things and get a taste of authentic traditional Japan. It is also an excellent base for exploring the surrounding neighborhoods, with their beautifully maintained historical houses, traditional arts and handicrafts, and gardens.
Maki no Oto Kanazawa differs from its rural cousin, Maki no Oto Toyama, with its old-style traditional urban vibe, which neatly matches the atmosphere of the surrounding district. The building has won an award from the city of Kanazawa for architecture and design that enhanced the beauty and authenticity of the famous old town. Some of the older locals said that seeing it took them back to an earlier time.