Discover the seasonal rhythm of life in Snow Country. Settled for over 8000 years, this rich land endures not despite the heavy winters snows but because of them. During the long winter, the accumulated snow grows tall enough to dwarf a man, but never freezes to a hard iciness in temperatures hovering around zero. In spring, the downy drifts protect the shoots of wild vegetables until foragers pluck them up, tender and sweet. In summer, snow preserved under thatch provides a cooling respite from summer heat. While in autumn, soil that was allowed to rest in earnest for half the year bursts into life with a bounteous harvest.

Ryugon is a ryokan with Snow Country in its DNA. It's 29 rooms are situated in an early 19th-century farmhouse that has been lovingly renovated to preserve the most beautiful elements of the traditional architecture, including a sitting room registered as an Important Cultural Property, while adding amenities that meet the highest standards of modern luxury. A hyper-local ethos transforms timeless regional recipes into innovative fine dining and stocks the cellars with a treasure trove of Niigata-made libations, which the passionate local staff can tell you all about. Even the modern furniture nods subtly to the life-giving snow, with chairs resembling the local igloos known as kamakura and headboards slanting off to one side like a wind-blown drift.

Nestled between the steep slopes of Sakado Mountain and the picturesque farmlands around Untouan Temple, the property is well situated both for enjoying modern outdoor sports and exploring the time-honored practices that have sustained and nourished this community.

Enjoy a taste of a highly unique regional culture, steeped in long tradition and rich terroir.