This brand-new beachfront ryokan is defined by a connection to the sea. In fact, the name combines the Japanese characters for gently rippling water and sound, invoking the peaceful whisper of waves that will be the relaxing soundtrack to your stay.

Every detail of this adults-only property has been carefully curated by owner and experienced hotelier Kenichi Hiruta to highlight the many charms of his beloved Awa District and showcase fine Japanese craftsmanship. From the choice of cocktails in the all-inclusive lounge to the colorful design of the original roomwear, Hiruta has his hand in everything, insuring effortless enjoyment of the seaside life.

Each of the 12 modern suites has a west-facing private veranda with Mikage granite hot spring bath, allowing guests to savor views of Mt. Fuji and spectacular sunsets over Tokyo Bay as they soak in the healing waters. Heated floors, plush day beds, and retractable glass partitions ensure this is an inviting space year-round and in all weather, a perfect perch to watch black cormorants fishing in the shallows each morning or the firefly flickering of fishing boats at night.

Hiruta purchases his seafood directly from local fishermen, getting better and fresher fare than even the famed Tsukiji Market. This Pacific bounty is transformed into sprawling meals full of delicacies like dancing squid sashimi, grilled Ise lobsters, and live abalone steamed at the table, served up on elegant Japanese ceramics from Arita and beyond.

At Sazane, the sea is the experience, the sound, and the flavor.