Just 2 hours south of Tokyo, along the sun-speckled waters of Sagami Bay, is one of the most stunning seascapes in all of Japan: the rugged Jogasaki Coast. Part of the Izu Peninsula Geopark and the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, the area is a natural wonderland, the only place in the world where two active volcanic arcs collide, revealing 20 million years of geologic history, plentiful hot springs, and a rich, black earth that births riots of greenery.

Amid this natural treasure is a cultural one. The historic Zagyosoh ryokan, now going by ABBA Resorts Izu, is nestled among old-growth trees and hulking pyroclastic boulders from eruptions millennium past. Its 2 hectares of land is close enough to the columnar cliffs of Jogasaki to occasionally hear the faint booms of the pounding surf but its handful of private villas are serenely silent, integrated into the scenery to preserve both the natural environment and a sense of seclusion. From the private decks, heated pools, and outdoor baths, guests can soak up Izu’s volcanic gifts in idle relaxation.

Every element of Zagyosoh’s design lovingly draws from traditional Japanese culture, without ever sacrificing modern comfort. From photo-ready scenes like the irori hearth in the lobby overlooking a waterfall-fed koi pond to subtle touches like woven bamboo ceilings drawn from teahouse architecture or kumiko woodwork furniture accents, a stay is an immersion in the world of Japanese art and handicrafts. The highlight, however, is undoubtedly the owner’s museum-worthy collection of Japanese swords, including both antiques and modern masterpieces by several Living National Treasures.

With kaiseki, modern French, and teppanyaki dining options overseen by two masterful chefs dedicated to drawing out the best of Izu’s famed seafood and heirloom produce, and 6 public hot spring baths to enjoy, Zagyosoh tempts guests to linger for days in this natural retreat by providing for every possible desire.