Guests of Takefue arrive via one of the most beautiful roads in Japan, with breathtaking views of the mountains of central Kyushu's Mt. Aso range on one side and vast ocean vistas on the other. Those arriving at night are treated to both the lights of the towns in the valleys and, in clear weather, a blazing expanse of stars.

Takefue maintains a refined rustic style, the farm-type buildings all black beams and straw-and-plaster stucco. Interiors are likewise rustic, but with modern amenities and huge windows giving access to the lovely surrounding forest. The onsen hot springs are generated by the same geological processes that keep nearby Mt. Aso rumbling. There are numerous ryokan in the neighborhood, but the bamboo forest effectively muffles all sounds from outside the grounds, preserving the feeling of deep-forest privacy.

Most of the rooms boast their own private rotemburo outdoor baths - some of which are huge. There is also an enormous public rotemburo, which can be reserved for private bathing.

The cuisine is kaiseki haute cuisine, incorporating inaka ryori, or country fare, and taking full advantage of the delicate and delicious mountain vegetables of the area.

Takefue's location, nestled in a large bamboo grove, gives it a unique otherworldly air; this and its exquisite food, beautiful outdoor baths, rustic authenticity and premium service make this an outstanding ryokan.

Children are welcome in all rooms except /// and Amato. In some of the rooms, such as Shien-an, parents can sit by the irori and watch the children frolic outside in the rotemburo.

Guests may notice an abundance of rabbits incorporated into the d馗or; Takefue was originally built in the last year of the rabbit, 1998, and is coming up on its 1st anniversary in the Chinese calendar (12th year by the Western system).