Villas-Tenryo Room
Reflecting the majesty of the mountains, the Gassho-zukuri of Wanosato has preserved a place in time. Despite the variations between the villa's lodgings they derive their beauty from the stateliness of heavy timbers and other natural materials used in a manner perfected over centuries. The interior with yawning ceilings, four and five meters high give the guest, room to breath and stretch their spirits.

The raised area in the center of the main room includes a built in hearth, called 'Irori' used for heating in the winter, adds a nice rustic flare. The room contains a large bathroom, changing area with powerful heaters and a separated rotenburo (wooden bathtub) also accompanied with a shower.

Reminiscent of the homes of the past that beckoned weary travelers hundreds of years ago, the pulse and the heart of the Wanosato rejuvenate tired and troubled spirits.